We Build The Wall

We Build the Wall (WBTW), founded by 2019 by Brian, is a 501(c)(4) organization dedicated to building private sections of the wall along the U.S. – Mexico border. WBTW understands the incredible barriers President Trump is experiencing as he constructs his promised border wall. As a result, WBTW aims to harness the people to raise private funds and build 100 miles of border wall. WBTW is “power to the people” in its purest form.


The American people have been promised physical border security and immigration overhauls for over 30 years, yet very little has been accomplished at the southern border. Undocumented immigrants continue to flood into the country, drug cartels continue to ship illegal cargo across the border, and human trafficking is on the rise.

Politicians often promise greater “technology” to monitor the border or “comprehensive immigration reform” to stem the flow of illegals; however, the construction of a physical barrier is the only proven method that can halt what has been described as an invasion of our country.

In areas along the border where physical barriers have been erected, illegal immigration has fallen to a trickle. In some instances, it has been completely eliminated. The construction of a wall on our southern border is not about “walling out” the world – it is about protecting our national sovereignty, ensuring security for American communities, and providing incentives for immigrants to enter the country legally.


WBTW aims to construct 100 miles of state-of-the-art,18-foot-tall, steel-bollard barriers along the US-Mexico border through the use of private funds acquired via voluntary donations. The project has built an impressive advisory board that includes politicians and activists with an America-first compass on illegal immigration including Senate candidate Kris Kobach, ex-Congressman Tom Tancredo, and former White House Chief Strategist to President Trump Stephen K Bannon, who is chairman of the board.


The initiative has already completed two sections of the wall – a one-mile stretch in Sunland, New Mexico in 2019 and another 3.5-mile stretch in Mission, Texas in January 2020. Both have had an immediate impact.

Though we are still collecting data on the Mission, Texas stretch, the wall in New Mexico has stopped 100 percent of illegal crossings. WBTW is in the midst of plans to begin construction on its third wall project.