Brian Kolfage Selected to Have Smart Home Built by Gary Sinise Foundation


Brian Kolfage and his family were selected to have fully accessible smart home built or them which will be there forever home. It’s a life changing gift that’s made possible by the Gary Sinise Foundation’s RISE Program.

If you would like to make tax-deductable donations please visit the Gary Sinise Foundation’s website , click the red donate button, and then select Brian’s name from the drop-down menu.

Security Forces Senior Airman Brian Kolfage was born in Detroit and grew up in Waikiki, Hawaii. The Air Force sent him to Iraq in 2003. During his second tour on September 11, 2004 in Balad, Iraq, Brian was struck by a rocket that landed right next to him. Instantly his legs and one hand were gone. Despite suffering multiple amputations and the looming possibility of death, Brian still maintained incredible strength and courage throughout his recovery. With undiminished spirit, he still saw opportunities and worked with determination through his physical therapy program, gaining strength and balance every day. Brian Kolfage continues to embrace a positive attitude as he makes great strides in learning how to walk with his prosthetics. He graduated in 2014 from University of Arizona’s School of Architecture. The Gary Sinise Foundation is proud to build Brian and his young family a new home.

Brian Kolfage’s philosophy maintains that “life is great, and no matter how tough things may be you can always conquer it. Even when it seems out of reach, just keep setting small goals and eventually they will add up to something big. When you face adversity you need to put things into perspective and realize just how lucky you are to be alive and breathing on this planet.”

Having a fully accessible home will allow Brian Kolfage and his family to regain the freedom that they lost when he lost his limbs. Brian sacrificed more than most people and it’s time for him to stop sacrificing in his daily life.

Out of all the 20,000+ wounded in action veterans Brian Kolfage is one of forty triple amputee’s. He’s in an unfortunate elite club of wounded veterans who have been through hell and back, and its now our  duty to get these warriors backs, as they have had ours for the past 14 years.